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WAKE UP AMERICA!     article by:  James Thomas Fridas
December 6, 2012

Question for intelligent people only!   Do you think communists would tell you the truth?  Do you think communists would lie to you?  Do you think that they would try to enslave you?  If you answered yes t all three of these questions then you should know you are a slave and they have lied and they never tell the truth and finally do you think that the "O" is a communist, if you answered no then please leave this post now!

Socialists are the thieves of society, if you support socialism then you will be disappointed when you find out that Yahweh thinks of socialism as an anathema on humanity, it violates the principle of go forth and produce told to man by god, but socialists in power steal from the producers of society known as taxes are no more than thievery by a corrupt government, so if that bothers you wait until you face judgement! 
In socialism there is no substance which is why they must lie to the public and tell you how much they will give you and its not even constitutional, its thievery purely thievery there is no other way to address it!    The only substance that socialists prefer is substance abuse, like marijuana and that is against the law of god it destroys the brain.

Atheists and secular humanists along with socialist are the enemies of Jesus and Yahweh as they continue to attack Christians on a continual basis, how pathetic!  When you think about how short life is and how long eternity is it would appear that those who have the most to loose are those that are to stupid to see beyond the tip of their nose!  

I am writing a book called "Giving Up The Ghost" and I have been excerpting it on a blog by that title as I have interviewed people who have died and were returned by Jesus and others I have read about who have died and returned by Jesus, so if you do not believe in Jehovah and Jesus well all I can say is they do not sell sun tan lotion in hell!

If you are an atheist, secular humanist or socialist you have no morals, no integrity or any moral values, and of course the socialists proved this in the Democrat congress when they voted to remove the UN-American Act under Jimmy Carters presidency, gave the Panama Canal to China, stole the nations gold and silver, violate the constitution by creating an illegal income tax system and giving our bank away to the cronies known as the committee of 300!    Then lie with a straight face that it was enacted by congress!  That was a lie as well

The socialists in congress apply the need for greed to their disciples with promises of free anything, free money, free medical, free abortions, free food, free education, free health care, free sex, free condoms, free birth control, free abortions (MURDER) free lunch, free housing, free cell phones, free transportation, free anything we can rig for you at the expense of the workers of America!

Now what I would like explained to me by these anally infected socialists is where in the Constitution does it say that these greedy seedy useless people are entitled to my money?  Where does it say some whore can have my money for a free abortion?

These people are the lazy goldbrickers, no count useless deadbeats and leaches of society that the end result will be the destruction of our financial institution because the socialist bankers stole our bank in 1913 and the dollar is about to collapse, which will bring destruction on the entire world money supply, in other words there will be no money for welfare, no money for the police, no money for the military and the socialists think that is just fine so they can have total control!

WOW!  Bucko think for a moment, I know if you are a socialist that is kind of a hard thing for you to do but,  and this is a big BUT,  and we are not talking about the 1st whatever, we are talking flat broke money will be worthless, do you understand, worthless, it won't buy jack _hit,  it is worthless and there will be nothing but chaos! 

Socialism will bring itself down because it is an anathema in the eye's of god, and any church leader that is saying it is a good thing is a dimwit and just plain stupid, allow me to reiterate the fact that it is an anathema because it is in direct violation to the laws of god and socialists think they are god!

The fact remains that there is nothing in the law of god that blesses socialism, it does just the opposite, since the world has jumped into bed with socialists and have been force fed socialism through the typical gerrymandering that is the Democrat party socialists such as the International World Bank and the IMF and other front organizations that are created by  America's socially deranged socialists keep selling socialism.

You see giving away what is not yours such as American taxpayer dollars is what makes this charade a travesty and an anathema it is stealing our money in the name of socialism it is theft and it is again a anathema in the eyes of god, there is no such thing as a good socialist!

They will argue with zeal for their leader Lucifer how wonderful they are,  and all the deceit and deception they provide from Bill Clinton who remarked about prayer in school and I quote:  
"God Forbid"!    Right Bill the good lords prophet Paul said to pray constantly to the lord, he wants our prayers and now you will reinterpret gods desire that he should now forbid us to pray to him!  Brilliant, not!    Now you know why they call him Billy Bob! 

Of course the zero we have in the white house is in my opinion the anti Christ, why?   I saw him on you tube stating in my Muslim faith, wait, stop the music!  My Muslim faith, hasn't he been saying all along he is a Christian?  The bible clearly states that in eh end times a deceiver will deceive the many, even the elect!  Well I'll be, I new I was right years ago that this impostor was not born in Hawaii because there are no medical records at any hospital in Hawaii to prove this, his government of Kenya acknowledged he was born in Kenya, even his wife knows he is from Kenya she was at a NAACP meeting and she remarked how she and her husband went to his homeland of Kenya, homeland is a persons place of origin or birth, and his brother and sister are on the Internet acknowledging the same and his mothers time line indicates she was in Kenya when he was born, and you have the Gaul to call me a birther?  Screw you to you UN-American piece of human waste!

If it sounds like I am a little pissed off at the current events in Washington, first I served my country, he didn't next I paid my dues he didn't he is on the take, takes tax dollars and thinks he is entitled to be president, he is a racist by his own admission read his book my fathers dreams to destroy America. 

I was planning on writing about many more bad habits that the socialists do that is a real mind bender, they lie and accuse Republicans of lying and they steal elections like the Senate race in Minnesota, the Governors race in Washington as Senator Reid in Nevada and his son now Governor of Nevada thieves under the skin and in the heart and soul and they will have their final reward at the big barbie but in the mean time we have to put up with their shenanigans!

If you are a socialist and mad at me for this article I will send you more, I have been quite to long piss on socialists and the media socialists who are providing cover for this unqualified narcissist!

The actual definition of socialism is "INEPTOCRACY"  taken from the word "inept" and combined with the later part of "democracy",   so the definition is as follows:

A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves are rewarded with the goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers!

If you think that Obama is a nice guy what ever happened to the constitution as  a guiding force for all electable people in America, I am a birther and to hell with the other side and their false statements of deceit and deception!  Has anyone ever Vetted the Kenyan in our White House?  

I hope this article will help you to see that there is a real need for people to wake up and smell the coffee!  Or the roses!
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