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JULY 2, 2014                                                              article by:  James Thomas Fridas

Well if brains were the size of an atom these people would have at least one atom!   There are those who emphatically deny the existence of god, they are in a constant state of denial, some even to the point of anger and threatening actions against believers in creation!

There was a program on television that was of course produced by an atheist showing how the universe was created, there was according to this atheist a big explosion referred to as "The Big Bang Theory", time out!  How did that happen?  Physicists claim that nothing can be created without some form of creation as a vacuum or void does not allow this to happen, "BIG BANG BULL"! 

Time in again, so the story continues that the rocks from this explosion came together and created the earth, wow!   So now pray tell how on earth did the molten lava come into being since all these rocks had cooled traveling through space that according to the show!

OK see my dilemma?  There was a creation without the creator, not happening Charlie Brown!!!  Ain't so, so now lets look at the fact that science does not support this theory that the Big Bang can happen without a creator because you cannot create something out of nothing!!!

So now you see how these Brain Free people are once again striking on all 7 cylinders!  The fact is that if one reads the bible that you will discover one fascinating fact that seems to be amiss in the conversation is there a god, that from before the bible starting with Enoch all the way to Jesus there is continuity, no myth that the nay Sayers seem to constantly state without facts but with antagonism!

In the event that those who seem determined to prove the unprovable there has been several documented cases where people have had what is known as near death experiences known as NDE.

Now if you look at these with an open mind as your teachers use to say you will find a truth that has been in a mist if you will, because these tales and stories have been around for several millenia for men to learn from and it seems that those in the "BRAIN FREE ZONE" refuse to learn!
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