Friday, August 23, 2013


NO MORE NICE GUY CRAP                   article by:  James Thomas Fridas              

Its time has come, the people of California voted years ago 80% in favor of the death penalty, if the left can't handle it to F--N bad!!!!  When you hear some brain dead judge issue a decree that is right out of left field some where between dumb and stupid like we will hold off on the death penalty, because we do not know whether they feel any pain!!!

How stupid does a judge have to be to be a judge?  Well if he had any brains he would know that Sodium Pentothal you feel absolutely no pain!!!   As far as I am concerned its time to qualify judges if you can't handle the death penalty you do not belong on the bench!!

As for their moral authority they have known, as the bible definitely claims that a murderer must be put to death by the hand of man, so god gave man the commission to put murderers to death, and god never said it was cruel and unusual punishment!

I would like to start a challenge to the courts and force them to get the murders on the gas chamber or the electric chair and stop this crap 10, 20 and 30 years in prison, the lawyers of course make fortunes at the expense of the public, lawyers can get a job and stop leeching off of society, that is what it is all about the money!!!
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


THE AMERICAN MEDIA                article by:  James Thomas Fridas

Communists galore!   As for the left wing liberal socialist Marxist communist Democrats in the media are constantly claiming that anyone who does not support the "O" is a racist!  Of course you can take that to the bank because some one from the lying stream media said so!

That would of course be the media elite AKA the Mighty minions of mental mediocrity!    As they have no intellectual exchange of intelligence in the debate they are forming because they are "STUCK ON STUPID"!

Remember the motto  of the left wing liberal socialist Marxist communist is,  "If it ain't broke we will fix it" comrades!

These members of the so called elite media AKA the lying stream media hate Christians, conservatives and of course Republicans unless they are blue blood Republicans because of this they cannot be real journalists which is why they are referred to as talking heads of mental manusha, no brains just talking heads!

You can see if you are intelligent enough that the left hates our form of government known as a "Constitutional Republic" not a Democratic nation as China is a Democratic nation yet that is what the liberal socialist Marxist communist democrats want and they know the difference.  We are not a Democratic nation we are a Constitutional Republic, repeat it often and drive the left nuts!

Further evidence of this ignorance comes from some of the more famous anti American hate mongers in Hollywood Woody Allen when he stated that he wanted the "O" to be the Commander in Dictator, maybe in China you anal lefty not here!  Overall as the saying goes "If ignorance is bliss, then socialists are totally blissful!

But I am afraid that it is to late I believe that anyone who can pull off a scam like the "O" did not being a Constitutional certified candidate as we know he was born in Kenya he may just become the dictator that Woody Allen wants, how ignorant is that?

I read the "O"s book Communist Manifesto if you haven't then when he springs his totalitarian Enterprise on America do not say you were not warned!!!     Socialism is an Anathema on humanity, it is an anathema in the eyes of Yahweh, it is an anathema on morality, it is an anathema on all good people it is for the most part  the religion of Satin!

Of course Queen Pelosi wants to be re coronated    to be Speaker of the House of Representatives, god forbid if this whack job gets back to the Speakers podium we are truly doomed!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013


R.I.N.O's INCORPORATED       article by:  James Thomas Fridas

Just like those lefties the R.I.N.O's are stinking up the place, first it was Chris Christies the R.I.N.O. who stabbed Mitt Romney in the back during the election now we see many more R.I.N.O's coming out of the wood work ready to attack Ron Paul the odds on favorite to be the nominee for the Republican party in 2016!

Of course they are now predicting that Governor Christie will run on the Democratic ticket for President of America, some Republican that is right?  Now you know why he stabbed Mitt Romney in the back and is attacking Ron Paul!  

We now see McPain the dirt bag from Arizona admitting he may support Hillary the Hag or old bag for President in 2016, some traitor as far as I am concerned and I hope that he is impeached as the people of Arizona have had it with his shenanigans so from here Good bye ye traitor!  It could be that the North Vietnamese slammed his head once to many times and that is why he isn't sure why he is a Republican!

Of course there are several other totally irresponsible policrats in the Congress take the Arrogant Africaner Charles the Charleton Rangell who has been calling the TEA party people names, very intelligent Charlie!  Way to go Charlie!!!
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Thursday, August 1, 2013


ARE THEY SPACEY?             article by:  James Thomas Fridas

Well they are as spacey as Kevin Spacey who says Obama deserves more credit for the things he has done, OK Kevin, lets give him credit for the following,  like 26 million people out of work there we gave him credit for his accomplishment. 

Then there is another space cadet Harry Belafonte who says that the TEA party is responsible for racism in America like the hundreds of black gangs attacking whites around the country that the media isn't talking about and the robberies and rapes in many cities by blacks against white women, no racism there right space cadet Belefonte?

Do not fret though there are many Space Cadets in the Senate for example see what that Democrat from Arizona who calls himself a Republican:

Breaking from
McCain: Fox 'Schizophrenic,' Tea Party a 'Concern'
Fox News is "schizophrenic" on immigration and the tea party is limiting what the Republican Party can accomplish in Congress, Sen. John McCain said.
In a wide-ranging interview with The New Republic, the Arizona Republican reflected on how Fox News has covered the immigration debate.
"I think that Fox News is a bit schizophrenic. I saw a guy on 'Hannity,' maybe 'Huckabee,' and the guy said, 'You know, the Chinese are coming across our border, and they are going to commit cyber attacks.' … Honest to God," McCain said.
McCain even suggested he'd consider supporting Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, if the match-up was against Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a tea party favorite.

The article had more but we just wanted to show you why they are trying to impeach this clown now in Arizona and I hope they succeed! 
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