Wednesday, December 5, 2012


HOW THE LEFT LIES                      article by: James Thomas Fridas

December 5, 2012                                                                                          26 days and counting!

Can you believe all the lies that are being presented on television by the communist media in America?  OK lets look at the way it was and the way it is.

50 years ago black society enjoyed family life (in 2 parent households) at a rate comparable to the rest of society.  Then came the Democrats under Johnson and his "Great Society" which encouraged single parent households and dependency on government i.e. entitlements!  Blacks were told they were victims!

The Democrats created a new form of slavery,  (DEPENDENCY)   The final outcome not very good either.  Just look around, now blacks are victims however not because of white men, they are victims of a political party that has dealt them a charlatan hand in their lives and would do anything to get their block of votes and it worked like a magic charm on the black victims of society! 

Jovan Belcher needed to be in a two parent household just like all the rift raft that the Democrats have created in black culture with their violence and hate!    Rather he became a baby daddy who bailed on his  girlfriend, a snap card and housing vouchers!

He was abusive from an early age, there was no one to correct him and call him out for his attitude as is the case with many of the violent gang members in the black culture and this is not the way it was.   What did the hapless Democrats think was going to happen?   It is truly a case of the left going wrong and the right is still right!  When these so called victims of the political left needed help what did they get?   Housing vouchers, free food stamps, free medical, free Obama phones, free, free, free, free, free, and who is paying for all this Free?  remember free may be the most expensive thing you will ever own!   If you haven't figured out the answer to the question who pays, while tax payers foot the bill black society is paying with the Travon Martin and the other day another young black was murdered and this all because the Democrats want power!

I know what your thinking, communists Jim?  Isn't that taking it to the extreme?  If hate by those on the left is extreme then I guess you may have a point but if you toss in all the deceit deception lies and other slander against those of white society then there is no way I am going to call evil saintly!

What we are seeing in the communist media is a total concept of disinformation and lies perpetrated on society with the white man as the enemy of society by the inept left wing liberal socialist Marxist communist Democrat scum!
Remember comments are appreciated and for those who may ask if conservatives are racists only liberals can make such an asinine assertion!

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