Monday, July 16, 2012


HERE WE GO AGAIN                 article by:  James Thomas Fridas
Originally written July 16,2012.......................updated July 17, 2012

I am looking for commentary on these articles as they are directly related to your future security as an American, I hope you support the idea that America is not and should never be a socialist state run bureaucracy, please comment do others can see that America is a great nation as a Republic!  I have added more to this article below about comments Obama made that are now being called totally irresponsible by the national community of businesses.

A truly great president said and I quote:    "Well here he goes again"!  Can you remember who said that line?  In case you do not remember it was the late great Ronald Reagan.   Well here goes the loser in our White House who said from his own mouth, I am unpatriotic!  Quote unquote!  Obama said that and the media tried to keep it secret just like when he said on 60 minutes "I am the fourth greatest president", yeah right and Santa Claus wears a green jumpsuit!  

So here he goes again that business owners did not build there business without government, another really super intelligent thought process from the Bozo in charge!  This bozo does not seem to understand Democracy in our country being a native of Kenya, OK call me a birther if that is the best you have go for it, the government is for the people in our country not against the people like he believes.

Imagine this buffoon saying that the businesses in America did not create business without the government, not true 1.0 (Obama's new name) he could not run a lemonade stand let alone the business of America, businesses built the cities, the infrastructure and the counties as well as the states and federal government long before we got to a government run by the elite and not for the people any more as they only want totalitarian control.

In America the business people pay their employee's and the taxes they pay along with the extortion that the business pays gets the government operating capital, the government was built by business people, in case you do not understand that,  let me break it down for you, the congress asked  a building contractor to build the congress and the white house and all the buildings government owns, and it was the business of building in the private sector that built the government we the people, get it now Obozo!

OK Bozo, one more time, you make the fallacious claim that business owners owe their success to government investment in infrastructure and other projects, where did the government get the money?  From businesses that paid employee's to work on those projects, and from the businesses that built those infrastructures and other projects, understand now you underachiever!?

Government was built by entrepreneurs, that may be a word to big for your peanut brain Obozo and your chief surrogate Joe the jerk Biden, it is the designation for business and you are full of monkey business, so you need to go to business school before you are elected to any office in America for sure we know you are an illegitimate candidate for President as we know you were born in Kenya you fraud!

Underachiever  vs.  Romney, he is calling Romney on his income taxes and his is the administration that has tax cheats in the Treasury Department, and there were over eight Democrats that were picked for the Secretary of State that had tax deficits or shall we say they cheated on their taxes, well I guess because they are Democrats its alright to make a simple 30,000 dollar error, yeah right and once again Santa Claus wears a green jumpsuit!

Now the lame excuse who cannot create jobs in America is trying to use the movie Batman Rises to attack Governor Romney, how pathetic these socialist excuses can be for their own survival! 

Sir Winston Churchill once stated and I quote:   Socialism is a philosophy of failure, it is the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery!

How can anyone claim to want you to have socialism and claim that they also believe in god?  That doesn't work with Jehovah and Jesus, so if you want misery for others prepare for the ultimate misery in the "Big Barbie" and when I say down under I am not referring to Australia, so if you haven't figured it out yet its pure HELL!

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