Monday, July 30, 2012


                  July 30, 2012                                  article by: James Thomas Fridas

Every time I here someone say "your a racist" I think how stupid can those people be?Again those who are using this phrase with no thought of  how this has been used to excess, for an example of the "Little Boy Who Cried Wolf"!   

Over and over the saying "Your A Racist" is not only tiring but a total lack of intellectual dialogue and this plays on the persons ignorance!  I cannot stand Obama, does this make a racist?    Not even, but it shows that I have feelings, and those are the same feeling that those who cannot stand Mitt Romney have, only difference is that those who call me or others a racist need only look into a mirror and see a real RACIST!

So do we who do not like Obama care what you ignorant people who call us racists?  Actually you are amusing to us act like children and show us just how stupid you can be, even the screwballs in the main stream media are acting like a bunch of children!

I hope that for those of you who like the impostor in my White House will have a better dialogue than calling me a racist so I can have a little more respect for you than for those imbeciles who cal us racist, because I can't go around and educate them all, I will not live that long!

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