Wednesday, August 1, 2012


MORE GUNS LESS CRIME                          article by:  James Thomas Fridas
August 1, 2012

Now the man in charge of death and destruction in Mexico Presidente' Calderon is calling for more gun control legislation in America, the hypocrite!   Here is a country since 2006 that has seen spiraling out of control drug thugs in Mexico the Mexican Cartel killed more than 63,000 people since 2006!   Plus the fact that the U.S. Media is not telling anyone about this fact.

Some brilliant genius this Calderon is to be lecturing America on what to do and what not to do, to have more gun violence do what Mexico did outlaw guns, of course if politicians want to be outlawed then they should try to out law guns, retirement is right around the corner for those politicians that want to retire!

His drug cartels are buying guns from Asia and other Latin American countries and of course our illustrious Attorney General who is guilty of Fast & Furious and should be tried and hung!

It is more about how the totalitarians can gain total control of America like they did in Cuba, Russia, China, Viet Nam, and other countries where mad man rule, and Obama has not proven he is a good guy.

Cities that have added gun laws restricting guns have seen crimes increase anyone hear of Chicago, New York and there are more.  Now how about in the south were people own guns not to much about gun control there and there are no crime waves going on either.  In a City in Georgia they are required to own guns and that city has seen a decrease in crime big time, in Florida they added Stand Your Ground" and the crime wave dropped!

In Chicago the day the Zimmerman shot Travon Martin there were ten people murdered and thirty nine others shot yet the media focused on its racial profiling and racial anecdotes that happen to be typical of a racist media.  If I am wrong then why did the dribble lips in the media focus so much information on Zimmerman and not Chicago?   Also why do they call those from Mexico Hispanic and then on the day Zimmerman shot Martin he was a white guy?

Does that not show intelligent people that the media is biased and racist?  How can you be so slanted in the media to be so disgusting and nauseating!  So you wonder why the Tea Party is so popular with the average constitutional loving American, because the media seems to be possessed by a  demonic mentality and evil as hell bend in their metal faculty that disgusts god fearing Americans.

Americans of any ethnic nationality should be treated with respect by the media and that is an important aspect that the media thinks it has a right to besmirch and that is wrong, wrong, wrong!  By using their attack methods on Zimmerman they have shown that they are out of touch with reality, the same can be said about the Aurora Colorado shooting but that is a story for another time.

I should have titled this article "Intelligence Where Hath Thou Gone"?   As it is apparent that the media is truly lacking in this basic pursuit of intellectual reasoning, I hope you agree with me and perhaps you may contact the media to inform them that you will no longer be treated like a rock!

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