Sunday, February 3, 2013


THIS IS THE ONE                          article by:  James Thomas Fridas

February 3, 2013                                                Want to see the best Super Bowl?

Well the teams are assembling and I can see the quarterbacks calling their teams into the huddle now, there is Jesus, my hero calling real Christians and there is Lucifer calling all socialists! There the two are going to battle it out and the out come is devastating for Lucifer the referee has determined that there is a personal foul on the part of Lucifer so he will be given a time out in the "Penalty Box" some may refer to as the Sweat box, and I hear its hot as hell in there!  Personally  I have other plans I am sorry but extreme heat hot as hell bothers me, I have a sensitive spirit!

Well the game is in its final hour and the loser will get to pay the price for cheating, Lying, stealing, fornicating, deceiving, adultery, murder, attempted murder, temptation, vulgarity, pride and arrogance!  So if you are a fan of Lucifer saying a prayer for him will not work, the head referee is not hearing any pleas for mercy or clemency today!  Its pure hell the way I see it and that is a burn if there ever was one!

So to be honest with you I sure as HELL am glad I am not in his shoes to be sure, because they would probably burn off where he is going and that ain't toast!  There is a reason they call the savior Sweet Jesus!  For those of you who prefer to attack Christians your day will arrive and you will rue the day you  were on the wrong team, winners are always better off than losers especially where you are heading, oh and by the way they do not sell sun tan lotion there, have fun!

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