Tuesday, February 26, 2013


CHRISTIANS WHO ARE VIOLENT  article by:  James Thomas Fridas 

February 21, 2013                                                                  Shame on you  Christians!

So how many atheists, secular humanists and socialists have you prayed for this month?  A lot, a few, a bunch or just none! You mean spirited Christian conservative shame on you for praying for these antiquated deranged evil hate mongers who want you dead!

So they are the one's who think you should be murdered because you are a Christian, just like the apostles that were murdered in the name of evil!   Remember Satan hates Christians and Jews so he uses devious means to have us murdered, he wants to be god, the narcissist, him and his son are going to enjoy eternity in the lake of fire!

So who was the greatest prophet since Jesus?  Why none other than Edgar Cayce that's who!  HE was the most revered individual since because he helped cure and heal thousands of people as only Jesus could, perhaps not as Jesus but certainly with his help!

OK Christians, have you pissed off an atheist by praying for them again?  OK now let me tell you a true story about a Greek evangelical minister from Greece during WWII who was walking to the Greek church in town and bombs were dropping all around him and they were not exploding! That's right they were not exploding and German bombs always exploded!  So he kept walking and hundreds of people saw this and got behind him as he walked to the church, hours later he and hundreds of other were evacuated from the island of Corfu and while over the Mediterranean his plane was shot down by the Nazi's.

While the plane crashed into the water below the plane was on the water and he was on the wing of the aircraft calling out to people give me your hand and I will save you, except for two people who cursed him and told him to get the hell away from them, they were  atheists, they drowned and are now spending eternity in hell, the others he saved, there is a god, there is a Jesus and there is a heaven and a hell, where do you want to spend eternity!???

So Christians get tough and pray for more of these who are anti Christian!  Atheists, secular humanists, socialists and any non-Christian who needs saving!  Amen and amen!
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