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  article by:  James Thomas Fridas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       FREAK ALERT!!!    His honor DA mayor of Washington D.C. claimed that the shooting in the naval yard was due to the fact that the government is to small,  really mayor?  You wouldn't lie to us now would you?    

I forgot to email this earlier as this is an old story I am sure you heard about and wonder what took me so long to send it, I misplaced it to be honest but better late than never!

I bet if you had three times as many people working in the city of D.C. there would still be a mass killing spree as there was the 18th of September, why?  Because the guy was a left wing freak like you mayor!!!

So here we have another parasite of society trying to convince us of a lie, remember my article the Freak Show continues where I informed the intelligent readers in my article that the bible talks about the end times "Lies will be truth and truth will be lies"  these maggots of society are performing just like god said they would!

Need more convincing there is a god and a son named Jesus?   Then open the bible and learn a truth, god gave it to man to learn about his ways and what are the parasites of society doing?  Trying their damnedest to remove god from society!
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