Thursday, May 15, 2014


IT IS A DISASTER IN WAITING      article by:  James Thomas Fridas

When it does it will hurt for sure!  Inflation is the worst thing ever to happen to a currency and when LBJ the president who we now know was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy!   

It was  LBJ's his actions that dissolved the American dollar with the fiat dollar we have today thus developing inflation which our plutocrats in Washington love because they can tax the hell out of society and the dollar just keeps growing!  As does inflation!!!

For example take a 1960 Chevrolet when it was new cost about $2,600.00 in 1960,    how much does that $2,600.00 car cost today?    Minimum $26,000.00 see the increase right before your eyes each year the cost of products and service goes up and up until the proverbial rubber band breaks!  Ala depression!!!

So to other products and services increased in time especially taxes which the late great President Ronald Reagan saw and acted on with complete opposition from the bad guys in congress, those that wanted to keep the American people slaves to the government!

It has been said and it is worth repeating that taxes were devised by those that wish to enslave man to man in the name of patriotism!  While the Supreme court has denounced income taxes three times as illegal the congress doesn't give a damn what the court said!

When inflation ends and the depression begins it will be the start of the worst times in America thanks to the irresponsible conduct of the government, food riots will start according to government records that have been concealed, proof, look at New York when the lights went out in 1985 the city went on a city wide riot and looting episode, then in 2012 Atlanta Georgia 30,000 people showed up for section 8 housing and rioting began again, there were other episodes so what do you think will happen when the lights go out nationwide??

OK,  times up!   Rioting, looting, rape and pillage will be the theme of the day so do you want to give your guns to the government and let them protect you or do you think that would be stretch? Remember when the lights go out its every man for himself!   Woman too!  There will be no police response, or military response they are going to be to busy protecting their own turf, think I am blowing smoke?

Better think again because the scenario is the same where ever it happens we are no more special than any other country that has an economy collapse look at the current situation in Argentina a few years ago when their economy collapsed  the media was very silent but the word got out because that  is what happens in a world with the Internet, rioting, food riots, rape and pillage it is inevitable with the the poor quality leadership that is prevalent today!

The fact is that the leaders have sold their souls to the so called "PAC" money, they promise to do the will of the people until they get into office then do what their plantation owners tell them to do.
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