Tuesday, September 4, 2012


GUNS GUNS AND MORE GUNS       article by:  James Thomas Fridas

If strong anti liberal feelings bother you then I advise you to not read this article it is intended to expose the criminal mentality of the left loons of society.

The abhorrent left wing liberal socialist communist democrats are at it again!  Oh yes they are!   It was in Aurora Colorado where a member of the Occupy crowd arrested and charged as a trespasser and violent demonstrator of the commie movement blessed by Pelosi and the anti-American bunch in the congress, then the media tried as always to pin the tail on the Elephant, sorry jackasses it doesn't fit James Holmes the mass murderer was and is a liberal suck ass socialist scum bag.

It happened with Timothy Mac Vay when he blew up the Murrow building in Oklahoma city the lame stream scum bag media tried again to pin the tail on the Elephant, again it did not fit!  It happened in the shooting at the Sikh temple in Minnesota where a mad man killed seven people and the lame stream media tried again to pin the tail on the Elephant, sorry jackasses it goes on the jackass!

Again today we see more attempts to disarm the American people with more insane gun control by the left wing trolls!   90 million Americans with 300 million guns committed no crimes this year or last year, why?  Because they were and are honest Americans who are law abiding citizens.

My question to all concerned is when criminals use guns in the commission of a crime why do the lame brains of society want to take guns away from law abiding citizens who always follow the law?

Let me show you on the left, the "Stupid People of America Foundation", that want to take guns away from me and my god fearing Americans who protect America, then chew on this bird brain, in the last century, oh that would be the 20th century, over 170 million people were annihilated by their own governments after being disarmed, and that statistic could easily be many of you bird brain clucking loons on the left.

You see in the minds of evil leaders gun control does not mean its about guns its about total control to do harm as it pleases them, think Castro, Stalin, Mao and Paul Pot!  All of these and more are and will continue to be left wing degenerate liberal socialist commies!  Then you want us to trust Obama and the dirt bag Democrats!   Remove our guns and you have a perfect opportunity to create tyranny and totalitarian control of society!

Villains of society are always on the left never on the right, so no to Shumer, Reid Obama and all the other tyrants in training!

Last year over 2 and a half million crimes were thwarted by homeowners in America who had one or more guns in the home by those who tried to break in to their home or attack them in their home and the media was totally silent on the issue.

My favorite true story was a woman whose husband was a travelling sales Representative said he was worried about her safety so he took her to a gun dealer and bought her a small caliber .38 pistol.  She went to the shooting range to learn "GUN CONTROL"!   

Her husband went out of town one week and an intruder decided to enter through her bathroom window, bad idea!   She woke up and called out to the intruder that she had a gun and would shot, he kept coming she heard sounds of his shoes on the bathroom floor so she fired a shot at the bathroom door and he scrambled back out the window to assure his departure she fired a second shot and heard a loud scream!  

The neighbors phoned 911 and when the police arrived they followed the trail of blood about three blocks and found the victim, who it happens had escaped from jail as a convicted rapist.  The bullet hit him in the tail bone, an appropriate place for a scum bag like him.   Now think what would have happened if she were unarmed and the media was totally silent on this issue and you want us to trust you media loons!?   

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