Monday, September 24, 2012


OBAMA WHERE ARE THE JOBS           article by:  James Thomas Fridas

Found a job lately?  I know people of color who are out of work for as long as this clown has been in the my White House and thinks it s his!  Wrong chuckles  its not yours!   

So people are showing 50% support for your failed policies, I can hardly wait for you to destroy America, there will be no welfare for the deadbeats of society, or the gold brickers, and you, well you better hope you can out run the angry mob of welfare thugs and union mobsters who will be chasing you because you will be worse than President Hoover who was in the White House when the depression happened thanks to the banks.

So you attack Mitt Romney on taxes again I say you are a fraud because you have no job creation record to run on so you need to distract the voters, nice try you fraud.

Why do Americans need to stop listening to the liberal socialist communist news media?  because when ever they open their moth the first thing that comes out is Romney is a racist or Republicans are racists or Conservatives are racists, not to intellectual!   Of course no one will ever accuse the left wing slime stream media of being intellectual!

So Obama who says lets us finish the job helping the middle class, what he means by that is let us finish destroying the middle class!

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