Wednesday, September 26, 2012


THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!               article by:  James Thomas Fridas


Why do we the normal people of America call the loony left the loony left?  Is it because they are loony?  OK they do things that are abnormal, true! Then they claim that we on the right are mean spirited, really?  So why should mean spirited people jump from the bridge just because you do?

Now we have California of course what could be wrong with my state?  Schools giving condoms to fifth grade students, really intelligent?  Then they want to have the kids support bender gender day, and now the whack jobs in Milwaukee are trying to emulate California and the parents are all up in arms and the dimwits in the school administration are supporting this non-sense.

Didn't someone tell these loons that we the people pay their damn salaries and the majority is in charge not them?  I guess not because for some reason they think that the schools have their  own money and somehow we the people never contributed this money!  The insanity of the left goes on and on and on with no end in site, and they really think this is normal!

God doesn't think its normal he condemns liberals in the bible and of course they will ask me where in the same breathe that they said they are Christians, right!  If you did read the bible god says in Corinthians that the heart of the wise bares to the right and the heart of the fool to the left, are you a lefty, of course you will deny that he is referring to you, your to perfect right?  Then in Isaiah he says when the king returns (referring to Jesus) the vile liberal shall be no more!  WOW! 
Still think your normal?

David Villalobos a certified liberal jumped from the train to the Tiger pen to pet the tiger, he almost made the tiger's meal early that day, he is in need of psychiatric help big time!  A man who I never found his name was in the news and Ron White of Blue Collar Comedy Tour fame with Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall   and Larry the Cable Guy told about how this liberal wanted to live with the grizzly bears and the guy was killed and eaten by one grizzly bear, and then there was the liberal who hid so she could pet the Cheetahs after the zoo closed, they of course found her dead the next morning, then there was the liberal gal who jumped into the polar bear pool, of course I lived in Clearlake California and there was this liberal who picked up a baby rattlesnake and kissed it, then it bit him on the lip, I never made it to his funeral.

What is wrong with liberals was diagnosed by the infamous Dr Savage who wrote a book of many he wrote this one titled "Liberalism:  A Sickness, An Illness and a Decease"   so that pretty much tell the story of these dysfunctional left wing socialists who think they are superior to every one, not!

More and more we see some real whacked out people doing things not only like those I describe above but then there are the truly disgusting things people do that you would not call civilized nor responsible, like the people who threatened to kill Mitt Romney on face book, or the uncivilized deranged dweebs on twitter who threatened Anne Romney's life real intelligent people right, not!
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