Thursday, August 8, 2013


R.I.N.O's INCORPORATED       article by:  James Thomas Fridas

Just like those lefties the R.I.N.O's are stinking up the place, first it was Chris Christies the R.I.N.O. who stabbed Mitt Romney in the back during the election now we see many more R.I.N.O's coming out of the wood work ready to attack Ron Paul the odds on favorite to be the nominee for the Republican party in 2016!

Of course they are now predicting that Governor Christie will run on the Democratic ticket for President of America, some Republican that is right?  Now you know why he stabbed Mitt Romney in the back and is attacking Ron Paul!  

We now see McPain the dirt bag from Arizona admitting he may support Hillary the Hag or old bag for President in 2016, some traitor as far as I am concerned and I hope that he is impeached as the people of Arizona have had it with his shenanigans so from here Good bye ye traitor!  It could be that the North Vietnamese slammed his head once to many times and that is why he isn't sure why he is a Republican!

Of course there are several other totally irresponsible policrats in the Congress take the Arrogant Africaner Charles the Charleton Rangell who has been calling the TEA party people names, very intelligent Charlie!  Way to go Charlie!!!
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