Wednesday, August 21, 2013


THE AMERICAN MEDIA                article by:  James Thomas Fridas

Communists galore!   As for the left wing liberal socialist Marxist communist Democrats in the media are constantly claiming that anyone who does not support the "O" is a racist!  Of course you can take that to the bank because some one from the lying stream media said so!

That would of course be the media elite AKA the Mighty minions of mental mediocrity!    As they have no intellectual exchange of intelligence in the debate they are forming because they are "STUCK ON STUPID"!

Remember the motto  of the left wing liberal socialist Marxist communist is,  "If it ain't broke we will fix it" comrades!

These members of the so called elite media AKA the lying stream media hate Christians, conservatives and of course Republicans unless they are blue blood Republicans because of this they cannot be real journalists which is why they are referred to as talking heads of mental manusha, no brains just talking heads!

You can see if you are intelligent enough that the left hates our form of government known as a "Constitutional Republic" not a Democratic nation as China is a Democratic nation yet that is what the liberal socialist Marxist communist democrats want and they know the difference.  We are not a Democratic nation we are a Constitutional Republic, repeat it often and drive the left nuts!

Further evidence of this ignorance comes from some of the more famous anti American hate mongers in Hollywood Woody Allen when he stated that he wanted the "O" to be the Commander in Dictator, maybe in China you anal lefty not here!  Overall as the saying goes "If ignorance is bliss, then socialists are totally blissful!

But I am afraid that it is to late I believe that anyone who can pull off a scam like the "O" did not being a Constitutional certified candidate as we know he was born in Kenya he may just become the dictator that Woody Allen wants, how ignorant is that?

I read the "O"s book Communist Manifesto if you haven't then when he springs his totalitarian Enterprise on America do not say you were not warned!!!     Socialism is an Anathema on humanity, it is an anathema in the eyes of Yahweh, it is an anathema on morality, it is an anathema on all good people it is for the most part  the religion of Satin!

Of course Queen Pelosi wants to be re coronated    to be Speaker of the House of Representatives, god forbid if this whack job gets back to the Speakers podium we are truly doomed!

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