Friday, August 23, 2013


NO MORE NICE GUY CRAP                   article by:  James Thomas Fridas              

Its time has come, the people of California voted years ago 80% in favor of the death penalty, if the left can't handle it to F--N bad!!!!  When you hear some brain dead judge issue a decree that is right out of left field some where between dumb and stupid like we will hold off on the death penalty, because we do not know whether they feel any pain!!!

How stupid does a judge have to be to be a judge?  Well if he had any brains he would know that Sodium Pentothal you feel absolutely no pain!!!   As far as I am concerned its time to qualify judges if you can't handle the death penalty you do not belong on the bench!!

As for their moral authority they have known, as the bible definitely claims that a murderer must be put to death by the hand of man, so god gave man the commission to put murderers to death, and god never said it was cruel and unusual punishment!

I would like to start a challenge to the courts and force them to get the murders on the gas chamber or the electric chair and stop this crap 10, 20 and 30 years in prison, the lawyers of course make fortunes at the expense of the public, lawyers can get a job and stop leeching off of society, that is what it is all about the money!!!
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