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CAN LIBERALS BE CHRISTIANS            article by:  James Thomas Fridas

The 3 short answers are 1....NO!   2...NO!   3....No!  Anything else would take a while to explain, but I received a newsletter from Doug Giles and he had a response that went like this Liberals cannot be Christians, so with that I read and guess what?  I agreed with him, so why can't liberals be Christians?  I am sure some of you are liberals and are very upset that I would say or write this.

OK, lets look at it from gods point of view, he said that you should not take the life of another, OK what is abortion?  Do not tell me that it is just a blob!  The fact is that a baby in the mother is still a sentient being just as you are a sentient being the definition of a sentient being is as follows:

Sentient beings happens to be a technical term in Buddhist discourse.   Broadly speaking, it denotes beings with consciousness or sentience or in some contexts life itself!

So with this definition one should have the intelligence to see that the abortion of a child in the mother is MURDER!   There is no other way to describe this barbaric ritual that the liberals want in society.  Thus we equate ABORTION = MURDER!

So now you can see that liberals are already behind the 8 ball as far as Yahweh is concerned!  Now for the biggie!   Queers and the liberal anthology of stupid and getting even more stupid, pray all you want unless you are a spiritual sentient being with your spiritual self abiding in the will of Jesus then you are not a god fearing Christian you are an idiot still behind the 8 ball!!  

Paul condemns queers in the bible in more than two places, first he says do not be effeminate! What is effeminate?  It is a homosexual, as homosexuals are not born homosexual, the medical profession has hundreds of articles on the Internet proclaiming that queers are born normal and then they become homosexual.

Next Paul explains that those effeminates who refused to change their way and repent that died went to hell and those who changed their ways and repented that died  went to heaven!   If you seek the English translation from Greek to English its not there, you see knowing Greek or Hellenic is a very important plus as the liberals want everything in "Black and White" and refuse to believe anything that isn't in that description, therefore ask any Greek who understands Greek or Hellenic and you will of course get some who will not answer and then there are the Priests who know the answer so if you do not like my answer call a Greek priest and get the same answer.

Liberals are also hate filled and attack Christians thus they cannot be Christians themselves, it is not sport to attack a real Christian and there are no real Christians that are liberals.  If you are a liberal and claim to pray and pray for others guess what your prayers according to god Yahweh fall on deaf ears!  So better you say a blessing "I place the Golden Key of God on who ever, this  is a blessing not a curse, see it on the Internet go to google and type in gods golden key, the man who wrote this in the 1930's was I believe a very spiritual man, check it out before you cuss me out!!

Liberals are also very socialist which is an anathema in the eye's of god Yahweh, so if you are a socialist then you will find out how wrong you were when its all over, continued below.........


Did you follow the tragedy known as Hurricane Sandy?  All the states that were affected had homes and buildings destroyed like an earthquake hit them, the news tried their  best to keep as much off that out of the news so the "O" would not look as bad as Bush when the media went Bush bashing when Katrina hit New Orleans after all it hit a dozen blue states like Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and as far away as Michigan felt the hurricanes wrath.

the "O" and his administration are being given a pass by the dirt bags in the media on the damage in teh Northwest,  believe it or not children of the left it was your fault!  God is not a left wing liberal socialist, he is a conservative and he means business and you lefties think you can change his rules without consequences!   Not happening he is in charge and he will prove it, now for the worst part, its not over!  That's right its not over in fact its just beginning!   

California, Oregon and Washington are in for a real disaster that will make Sandy look like a girl scout outing, ready or not god is a coming and brother is he pissed!!!
The bible speaks of this in Ezekiel, and its time for all god fearing Christians to get ready the left is going to be LEFT behind, pun intended! 

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