Thursday, September 12, 2013

YOU BET HE DID!                               article by:  James Thomas Fridas                                                                                                                                                                               SEPTEMBER 10, 2013

The press makes mistakes but he said this on television so there is no mistake on the televisions part there was on Obama's part though I will explain.   Obama said if he had a son he would be like Travon Martin, really?    

You See the fact was that the media did not show Travon as a thug with tattoos and selling drugs and having run ins with the law on an ongoing basis, so they lied to the American public. Plus they showed him when he was 14 not 17 when he was a virtual criminal and he does not deserve any special tributes any more than Capone did for giving money to his friends!

Next they referred to Zimmerman as a White Hispanic!   Get the White part?  See where the racism is?  On the part of the media you know American Broadcasting Communists aka ABC, then there was the Communist Broadcasting Service aka CBS of course the list would not be complete without the National Broadcasting Communists aka NBC!

The list goes on from there with all the mighty minions of mental mediocrity like MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and a host of other cable commie networks!  Are you seeing the real hate here?  Its in the Media folks that the distortion arises.

As for the statement Obama made he was wrong in that Zimmerman would be more like his son than Travon, here is how it works,  Obama is a Mulatto his mother was white and his father was 3/4 Arab and 1/4 black, he got the dark gene so people assume that he is black on appearances only if they did not know these truths.

While Zimmerman was referred to as a White Hispanic showing the racism in the media his grandfather is black, I saw his interview on the Internet while the media would not show this because it would blow there racism to pieces he is like Obama in that he is white, Hispanic and black so he to is a Mulatto yet he got the light gene so he appears white, see the connection?

So the question arises is the media really a racist machine?  The answer is an unequivocal absolutely and an affirmative YES ladies and gentlemen, hate is permeating the nation with violence and it needs a feeder like the media to feed the hate frenzy, enter the media darlings!
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