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FREAKS FREAK OUT AGAIN!      article by:  James Thomas Fridas

October 3, 2013

I ran with this story a while back and since have updated much of the information to keep you informed as to what is going on in the world of lies and more lies.  If you enjoy these stories I hope you pass them on to your mail list.

Global warming is designed to make the rich super rich and the rest of us super poor, ready for the poor house?  Well then why are you not telling your salacious senator or congress critter to stop try to sell us a bunch of manusha!   

The more you sit and listen to these parasites from hell the more they try and twist the truth into a bunch of "you guessed it MANUSHA"!   If you believe in god and Jesus and read the bible you will remember that in the new testament there are verses that proclaim by Jesus that in the end time right will be wrong and wrong will be right, lies will be told as truth and truth will be as lies!   Are we there yet?  

If you believe the lies from the global warming freak show then there is no hope for you!  However if you heard the report from the United Nothing which said that it is going to be irreversible in 15 years and we need to reduce oil and coal!   

See the deceit and lies how they are designed to make a two level system, the rich who will get rich and the poor who will get poorer!  The rich of course will sell the coal and oil and get richer while the rest of society will not be able to get their hands on it because the cost will be to great!

I have always said that the left is the greedy, needy sleazy left wing crafters of evil still think they are the good guys?  These left wing communists are sneaky, devious, deceptive and definitely dishonest!   There has never been an independent scientist that has believed all this gibberish about global warming or global bull feathers!

The problem stems from the fact that the left wing is so full of crap on a shingle that we have seen the dumbing down of America that the youth of America are really not to bright when it comes to rational thinking and analytical thinking is not taught in schools and in many cases criticized and punished by the evil left! 

Recently there was a story on the Internet that the kids of today could not pass the tests of kids from 1908, does that tell you something of how good the dumbing down in America is?

So the Freak Show will continue to ebb and flow with a large emphasis on global manusha and all the efforts of lies, lies, lies and more lies to continue confounding society into believing these evil people, remember it was Paul in his Epistle that said liers are evil!!!

For those of you who do not know your history but hear names and do not know what their philosophy was there was a mad man called Hitler and he said "Lie often and keep lying and eventually they will believe it as truth", understand where the left is coming from now?  As for the left wing maggots of society they are simple minded parasites products of the dumbing down of America!
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