Thursday, June 19, 2014

BRAINS NEEDED!! by Jim Fridas

TEENY WEENY BRAINS AGHAST     article by:  James Thomas Fridas

So now they are annoyed that Sarah Palin is on Fox News as an analyst and they think that she does not have the right to talk about Global Warming so there  is a petition drive by the Brain Free Zone to have her fired!

Once again my question begs answering, who gave these people  (ISODOPES) permission to be antagonists, trying to get someone fired because they have a different political view than they do, all I see is a total amount of ignorance, what makes these indignant people attack superior intelligence?   If you do not like Sarah Palin don't watch you scum bags!

Why are they not petitioning to have people at ABC, CBS, NBC and other cable networks fired for speaking about Global Warming when they have not figured out the fact that Mother Nature has not authorized anyone to take her place on earth!!!      Even the New York Times has articles that are denying there is any Global Warming!

Next if you believe in god as I do then you read in the bible where god is in charge of the universe which includes, "NEWS FLASH"!!!    The weather!!!     So who are these people in the BRAIN FREE ZONE to demand a damn thing from Fox News like fire Sarah Palin?

First off Sarah Palin is more intelligent than the hags that are supporting this false science known as Global Warming, any 6th grade student who read anything in Science Daily knows that man cannot change the weather, only those in the BRAIN FREE ZONE think they can!  So the question begs answering who are these people in the BRAIN FREE ZONE?

They are for your information the enemies of freedom and our Constitution they are the One World Order buffoons who want to rule the world, and those who read the bible know that god is not allowing that but then these people are not god fearing people, they think they are god obviously, and that is the joke on them!

Now another writer on a news site has been threatened with death by an ignorant liberal who called him a hate mongering conservative, right so you want to murder him to teach him a lesson!
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