Wednesday, June 4, 2014


ALL KILLING ZONES            article by:  James Thomas Fridas                                  

We are a sovereign nation with liberty and justice for all unless you own a gun which makes you a citizen and not a subject,, yet the pariah's of society hold up signs like "Shame on the NRA" I would add yes shame on the NRA for protecting their right to be free!!!

Then add the following logic and see if you have the ability to understand reality from fiction in today's society.
We are told NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics.
BUT . . .

We are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

The following are the murder capitals of America
1. Chicago | 500             gun free city!
2. New York | 419         gun free city!
3. Detroit | 386               gun free city
4. Philadelphia | 331        gun free city!
5. Los Angeles | 299       gun free city!
6. Baltimore | 219           gun free city!
7. Houston | 217             not sure about this one
8. New Orleans | 193      not sure about this one
9. Dallas | 154                 not sure about this one
10. Memphis | 133          not sure abut this one
11. Oakland | 126           gun free city!
12. Phoenix | 124            guns allowed
13. St. Louis | 113           not sure about this one
14. Kansas City | 105      not sure about this one
15. Indianapolis | 101      not sure about this one

Of course this September 18 2013 there were thirteen people murdered in Washington D.C. and the SWAT team was ordered to stand down so something stinks in la la land!   Who gave the order?  There should be law suits by the families to nail their asses to the outhouse wall big time, and I have a feeling I know who the asshole was that gave the order to stand down!!!

Another noteworthy fact is that the people who have committed the school shootings and other gun free zone murders have all been on psychotic medications, so why are the freaks in the freak show attacking our constitutional rights instead of keeping guns out of the hands of these whack jobs!?
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