Sunday, June 22, 2014

GUN CONTROL by Jim Fridas

WHY?                                       article by: James Thomas Fridas

JUNE 23, 2014

If and when guns are confiscated from society you can bet you r bottom dollar that crime will escalate!!!  I for one will bet any dimwit that thinks taking guns away from law abiding citizens will reduce crime and I want the money on the table when they open their big mouth to bet it will be like taking candy from a baby! 

No I wouldn't take candy from a baby, bit I would from any dimwit that says they are certain it will reduce crime!!!  No where in the world has there ever been a country that has reduced crime by taking guns away fro their citizens!

If you know one let me know, but do not hold your breathe because it ain't happening!   Germany took guns away from its citizens in 1933 and if you do not know that crime went through the roof then your not to knowledgeable so go back to your Jack Daniels and snort that funny stuff you been snorting!

In 1935 China took guns away from its citizens and look what happened, death in the millions, crime in abundance, Russia took guns away from its citizens in 1919 and it was a disaster then Cambodia and then England and Australia look at the increase in crime there.

In Australia it doubled tripled and then quadrupled!!   How insane are the gun freaks who want to disarm society?? Real insane and that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god!!!  Now anyone for joining the stupid people for gun control???

Now if I was the Governor of California I would write an executive order stating all residents must file for a gun permit, you do not have to buy a gun but you have to register, why you ask??  Elementary my dear Watson, elementary, because if all law abiding citizens are registered and criminals are not think about that for a moment!  

A police officer pulls a car over and the dispatcher says to the officer that the person in question and his or her car are not registered, does he think he may be dealing with a criminal? You bet and he will have the authority to write a ticket to a person who is a law biding citizen who did not register for a gun permit!!!

Does that make sense?  Yes unless your a gun freak and you and your corn whole friends oppose the decision to do this because you have no common sense!!   After this went into effect I will bet the most brazen gun freaks that gun violence goes down and I mean way down!!!

I like Clint Eastwood's analogy of gun control he said and I quot:  its like I go and have myself castrated because my neighbor had 12 kids and I do not want to over populate the planet!!!  Well said Mr Eastwood!!
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