Friday, July 12, 2013


THE ENVELOPE PLEASE          article by:  James Thomas Fridas

August 3, 2013                                                     When evil rears its ugly head!

First there is the gun control issue, under the law gun control is illegal, but that isn't stopping the left wing cohorts of evil from stopping to destroy your freedom is it now?  

Second when "ILLEGAL" aliens who do not belong here are demanding that the Statue of Liberty be destroyed you know we are in trouble that the left wing cohorts of evil from stopping to destroy your free now is it?

Third when the socialists steal the election so they can give you their form of totalitarianism totally free of charge well that is no reason for the cohorts of evil to stop from destroying your freedom is it?

Fourth among the socialists attempt to destroy your freedom is to give you affordable health care "NOT"!  By adding a family of four for only, ready?  $20,000. per year, very affordable if you ask me, hell with that affordability everyone should be able to buy a new Rolls Royce at the low price of $350,000.  cheap right?  Yeah and Santa Claus wears a green jump suit!

Fifth among the liberal socialist Marxist Communists favorite things to hoard from society OIL and less of it makes these deranged loons happy as a clam!  Yes mam a clam!!!

Sixth on the list of your endangered freedom of course was the fact that they already put Homeland Security in charge of airport security with felons and other criminals who are there to help you with all your travel needs, feel up women and see them in body scans naked!  WOW!!!

Seventh on the all time favorite list of things that only the left could love because they have a hate for you and your so called freedom and constitution which is in the way of their total and absolute heinous totalitarian rule!

Eighth on the list of loon liberal socialists sinfully evil ideology is taxes, tax the rich is part of their class warfare, so to is the fact that they are actually going to tax the middle class out of their underwear!

Ninth and this gets better all the time, they want to remove your 2nd amendment and then there is the miraculous tenth spot wait and see!

Tenth and David Littleman did not conceive these ten items, the liberals want to remove the Bill of Rights!!  Now aren't they just so wonderful?  Do not disagree with me we all know that the libtards are smarter than all the rest of society, NOT!
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