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READY FOR THE END?  article by:  James Thomas Fridas

July 27, 2012

Socialism is out of touch with reality, there are numerous web sites that have comments and when you read the comments of socialists you can see and understand why they are out of touch with reality.  When socialism actually entered into America was with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and America began taxing its citizens even though the Supreme Court ruled three times that income taxes are illegal.  

The first time was in 1875 ten years after the civil war, to wit I reply how can war be civil?  Anyhow the court ruled that the income tax system was illegal and the I.R.S. was out of business effective immediately!  Then in 1898 when the U.S. declared was on Spain the government didn't waste any time and reopened the I.R.S. this time opponents didn't wait ten years they took the government to court right then and there and once again the supreme court ruled that the income tax was illegal and the I.R.S. once again had to be shut down!

Then in 1913 it took the opponents of income tax three years to get to court but in 1916 the supreme court once again ruled that income taxes are illegal and ordered the I.R.S. shut down! Fast forward to 2012 those who want to have income taxes, socialists have been writing new stories on the web trying to do what socialists always do "Rewrite history"!   It is why socialism is an anathema in the eye's of god!  In short socialists and those who support them are evil!  There is no two ways about it, you cannot put a three piece suit on the Devil and call him the Messiah as with the socialists calling the "O" their messiah do you think Yahweh is a little pissed?  you better believe he is it says so in the bible if you are a Christian who reads the bible.  Hate me for the truth you'll hate your self even more when your in those sulfur pits reserved for the ungodly and those who refuse to repent and change their ways.  OK enough preaching now back to our regular broadcast!

Of course socialists do not believe in god however they may say they do to remove your debate with there intolerable ignorance!  I know that there will be another attack on my computer from one of these deranged socialists because they do not believe in anything fair or legal if they can't cheat, steal, change, rob or deceive you its not for them!  It seems that every other day I am having to fix or repair my computer and the thing is I know their I.P. addresses because I have a system that tells me their addresses, why they do this is beyond me but taxes are still illegal!

Socialists hide behind the word LIBERAL like a shield only lately in the last two elections they have become the evil villains of society first right out in the public eye stealing the Senate seat from Sharon Engle in the Nevada race where Harry the pedophile Reid stole the election through  the electronic balloting machines in Southern Nevada thus giving this decrepit degenerate the Senate seat illegally!

Fast forward to election 2012 the operatives in the socialist machinery rigged the electronic balloting machines in North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kansas as well as Nevada this way assuring that the "O" would illegally win and now become our Commander-In-Thief!

There are consequences for those who call themselves Christians as this is an act of evil and all partakers of these acts as in voting for the "O" make you guilty in the eye's of god, don't believe me read Peter 2 to the end and see how those who embrace these actions are considered evil!

I do believe in Yahweh and Jesus and the prophecy of the bible we are on the end of the road sort of and Jesus will be coming any day as I believe that Obama is the near fulfilment of prophecy as he is pronounced in the Book of Revelation, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Dan and Samuel so get ready!

Believe this that the top ten economists in America are claiming that the economy will flat line in a year or two, the stock market will crash worse than the crash of 1929 and that the dollar will be worthless, the "O"been planning this all the way from college according to an email I received from his roommate, like I said ready for the end?

WERE IS SOCIALISM DOING THE MOST DAMAGE?  Anywhere it rears its ugly head, look at California then look at Illinois they are both on the verge of going broke, then there is the great city of Detroit, have you been watching the city wants you and me to bail them out and I am against that 101%!

There are cities that are on the brink of bankruptcy and that is another sign of the sickness of socialism as the saying goes, its wonderful to spend other peoples money until the people run out of money to spend on social trash!

You can only spend what you earn and the government does not earn a damn penny, it steals from the workers!!!  The operative word there is steal from the people, steal as in its not legal or ethical but the criminals in government have created the IRS and they do their dirty work as in stealing your tax dollars and misappropriating them.

Now these dysfunctional plutocrats are borrowing money in the billions from China and giving it to foreign nations in the billions, are these people stupid?  You bet they are and that is why the so called wonderful socialism is a bad thing!   So it is not as wonderful as the people who gave it to us is they are spending money like water and the feds are printing the money like there is no tomorrow, eventually the end will happen and socialism will co;;apse the economy.

It happened in dozens of other nations from the end of WWII up to recent collapse of some nations like Argentina a few years ago and many countries Africa as well as South America, the riots in Argentina was scary for the people, so it can happen here as well!

I am not trying to scare you but if you happen to wake up one morning and the stores are all out of business and the banks are broke think of the housing crisis the banks were bailed out to the tune of over 600 billion dollars and that will not happen next time because the dollar is expected to flat line meaning it will be worthless!
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