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AS TRUE AS THERE IS       article by:  James Thomas Fridas

February 7, 2013                                            Jesus is the answer!!!

When you have a series of problems then the answer is to call on Jesus and ask for the help you need, as well as the help you need to overcome those problems, so to be honest with you I am not making a living or any sense of a living as a writer no matter what they say about ad sense and all the other non sense!

So I enjoy writing and one day after I am dead and gone I will probably be surprised if I were alive that one  of my publications would fetch a fortune, its the way it always happens!  So read the article that I have below, humorous and funny, enjoy!


A Jewish businessman in Chicago decided to send his son to Israel to absorb some of the culture of the homeland.
When the son returned, the father asked him to tell him about his trip.
The son said: "Pop, I had a great time in Israel.  By the way, I converted to Christianity."   
"No vey,"  said the father. "Vot haf I dun?"
He decided to go ask his friend Jacob what to do. Jake said: "Funny you should ask.  I too sent my son to Israel, and he also came back a Christian. Perhaps we should go see the rabbi and ask him what we should do."
So they went to see the rabbi. The rabbi said, "Funny you should ask. I too sent my son to Israel,  he also came back a Christian. What is happening to our young people? Perhaps we should go talk to God and ask him what to do."
The three of them prayed and explained what had happened to their sons and asked God what to do.
Suddenly a voice came loud and clear from Heaven.
The Voice said: "Funny you should ask. I, too, sent my Son to Israel ..."

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