Wednesday, July 10, 2013


WAY OUT!                                         article by:  James Thomas Fridas

TIME FOR HOME SCHOOLING!                                                           JULY 10, 2013

Once again in the news a 6 year old boy was suspended from kinder garden because he had a Lego toy gun the size of a quarter!!!  Insanity reigns supreme among the left wing trilogy of insidious loon squad of America! 

Where is the understanding here?  Where is the intelligence?  Where is the leadership?  Its as the saying in the military a.w.o.l.!!!    So last week a 7 year old was suspended because he had a pop tart that looked like a gun, and then there were the two boy who were suspended because they had toy guns, where is the sanity in education!  

Actually its these teachers and administrators that need to be suspended,  it is time for these parents whose children are being assaulted to begin home schooling!!!  

Now not to be out done by this school a 5 year old boy in Maryland was suspended for 10 days from kinder garden for bring a plastic toy gun to school and when interrogated for over two hours the little boy peed in his pants and that is your liberal menaces of society doing their job, not!
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